Trowell Cossall and Awsworth Churches


to the web pages for the benefice (group of churches) of:
 St. Helen's Church at Trowell,
 St. Catherine's Church at Cossall and
 St. Peters Church at Awsworth.

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Proverb(kjv): chapt 29, v24:   Whoever is an accomplice of a thief is an enemy of his own soul. He takes an oath, but dares not testify.
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St Catherine's Church at Cossall

St Catherine's Church

This Sunday 6th Sep 2015, the Cossall service is: Family Worship in St Catherines.


Walking with Jesus

Walking with Jesus by the Spirit in Community

Church vision... we long with Christ to be churches that:
Love -   seek to grow together
Pray -   continue to be healing places of prayer
Grow -   make disciples growing from the Bible,
  -       Particularly growing children's and young people's faith
Serve -   encourage the ministry of all; walk in mission,
  -       sharing Jesus & serving those outside the church;
  -       Seeking justice for the world

We pray that we will continue to grow as churches within the vision granted us together...

St Helens Church at Trowell

St Helens Church

(The church on the corner)

This Sunday 6th Sep 2015, the Trowell services are: am; Morning Worship in St Helens.   eve; BCP Holy Communion in St Helens.

St Peters Church at Awsworth

St Peters Church

This Sunday 6th Sep 2015, the Awsworth services are: am; Parade Service in St Peters.  eve; Evening Prayer in St Peters.

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