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Search: Bing from Microsoft or Duck Duck GO has Real privacy or Google Search, or Snopes Fact Check, or Wikipedia is user written.
Google also has tools for webmasters. Save hours with Please Press 1

For HE, COPAC is the On-Line Library Catalogs of lots of Universities. and BOB is for Bucket of Broadcasts


Church Leisure

There is a Diocese Site, and Faculty online, at Southwell.   I am part of St Helens Church, at Trowell. Check out Inclusive church. Try for online bible resources.

The B B C online. We have made up a card game, called in The Red. More Card Game rules. We use Virgin Midia a fair bit. The British Library has good stuff. More globally, N A S A have good pictures. Nottingham Forest Football Club, is better from the BBC. We are in the National Trust too.

News / Communications Sensible

Theres Minds, or facebook old style, or Twitter, MS,, and GMail too. I also use NTLWorld email. I also use Dissolving email accounts are neat.
I am in the Labour Party (but not new) . at Broxtowe Labour with Greg Marshall . Beestonia is telling. Unison has a trade union site too. I am a CofEPOW .

We get power from The Coop (big switched). Diabetes control: My Sugr Monitoring program. Abbott Diabetes Care or Wave Sense Jazz for diabetic customers Eden Surgery prescriptions. Milk and More for doorstep stuff.
Banking: NatWest or American Express or Tesco Banks. A Currency Converter is handy, as is An adviser like Peter Wilcox Local Government Pensions at Notts LGPS Notts CC .
For electronic bartering, EBay is poor competition for Amazon . - use Sniping . Then PayPal to pay for it. Also, Post Office to send it.

Silly Travel

If you are Bored, then try the End of the Internet. Then there's Eclectec or the Framley Local Newspaper and Funny Games are funny. Old but good: Weebis do funny movies too. Gov.UK for tax etc.

Google Maps all of Great Britain at Street-Level, routes, or Tom Tom, or by A-Z street name. Try Green Flag or Ordnance Survey. Track excercise with MapOmeter. Search UK Petrol Prices for free on Petrol
Triumph Project: Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club . Parts for it from GreyStone or Speedograph Richfield or TMS of Nottingham. ThinkBike Training.
National Rail and Train Line (c/w prices) have good train route Planners, or Travel News and cameras from around Nottingham. We like Warner Leisure Hotels and Camra for Pubs too.


General SpyWare or Virus?

Get rid of Spam FAQ.
WiFi router.

MalWareBytes is now what I use at home. For Computer Virus Information, Check Symantec to see if Virus warning is a hoax. Also see advice on Get Safe Online. Watch out for Ad Ware on your PC with Lavasoft

Hardware Software

AMD for ATI graphics cards etc, or NVidia Graphics Hardware and problems.
Printing: Epson Products or Hewlett-Packard or Lexmark International for printers, computers, etc.
Try i Fix It guides to mend stuff. Modem Trouble shooter. Sea Gate for disk drive diagnostics software.

B S A the Business Software Alliance fights software piracy. for any driver but all need membership
The Math Works is the home of MATLAB in America.
Linux: Red Hat is good but Ubuntu seems better.
Staff / Student software from Phoenix or Pugh purchasing

Web Microsoft

Lost a website? Look at for a copy. VisiBone RGB Colour Chart for web sites. Check sources at ARIN Who Is IP number Search or and HTML is a for web page writers, - as is Just Me? and Nu Html checker for web pages.
I like to use the Firefox browser and FoxIt PDF viewer

Windows Event Viewer - what does that event Mean??
The Microsoft US Support centre. From there, search or browse for technical support information. Computer slow to start? Get rid of some Useless programs File Extensions explained. RegularExpressionsLib is for regular expressions.


The Engineering Council represents the engineering profession in the UK. The British Fluid Power Association represents the British fluid power industry. There is an Introduction to the effects of feedback on systems called Feedback and Control by C.D.H Williams of Exeter University. The Institute of Measurement and Control , of which I am a member. Find a calibrator at the United Kingdom Accreditation Service , the UKAS calibration laboratory website.


CPC which is part of Farnell alternately Radio Spares.


Avo / Megger Technical Services and Seaward Electronic Limited both supply test equipment and software.

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